Postpartum Planning ON-DEMAND (Coming soon!)

  • Price: $35

  • Type: On Demand

About Postpartum Planning ON-DEMAND (Coming soon!)

The all important first few weeks home with your new family!  We focus on our pregnancy and birth, often not planning or thinking about what that time looks like.  This one hour class will cover what to expect with your baby and how to best navigate feeding, sleeping and basic time management. Here are topics we will cover:

  • Lying-in
  • How do you want to be supported?
  • Task division
  • Calling for support
  • List of professional support/resources
  • Feeling isolated
  • People you trust with your baby
  • Your feel good things
  • Relationships
  • Breast feeding station
  • Postpartum checklist
  • Baby blues/postpartum depression