Medical Insurance

Did you Know?

Many Insurance Plans Cover Birth Preparation Classes! Not Sure If Yours Does? The First Thing To Do Is Grab Your Card, Look On The Backside And Call The Number.

They Will Probably Ask You For A CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Code And A Diagnosis Code. The CPT Code For Childbirth Education Classes Is S9436 And The Diagnosis Code Is Z32.2. Your Insurance Company Will Then Let You Know The Steps You Need To Take To Get The Classes Covered.

Also, Some Insurance Companies May Require A Letter Of Medical Necessity. This Is Basically A Letter From Your OB Stating That Childbirth Education Classes Are A Necessary Part Of Your Prenatal Care. You Should Be Able To Obtain This Easily From Your Doctor, Just Let Them Know You Need It!

If You Have An FSA Or HSA Account, You May Be Able To Either Pay Out Of Pocket And Submit A Receipt For Reimbursement, Or Use Your FSA/HSA Card To Pay For Classes. Again, It's A Good Idea To Contact Your FSA/HSA Company To Verify If Childbirth Education Is An Eligible Expense.  If You Are Using Your FSA/HSA Card You Will Need To Call Us To Book.

Finally, Your Insurance Company May Ask You For An Itemized Receipt For Reimbursement Purposes. If This Is Something You Need, Just Email us below And We'll Be Happy To Provide You With One. We Wish You All The Best!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances my class will be covered by Insurance?

Most insurance companies cover in full or partially

How do I use my FSA/HSA card when booking a class?

Please contact Jillian at 512-773-2375.  When using an FSA/HSA class, I will take payment over the phone.  

Does Medicaid Cover The cost of classes?

Unfortunately not.  But please contact us directly if you are on medicaid.  We strive to provide classes to anyone who is in need of childbirth education and will do our best to accommodate your need

What Information Do I Need To Submit To My Insurance?

You'll need a CPT code and a diagnosis code.

CPT code - S9436 

Diagnosis code - Z32.2.

Your insurance company will then let you know the steps you need to take to get the classes covered.

What If I Have Further Questions About Insurance?

We are happy to answer any questions or help you with any documents needed!

Lexington Childbirth 512-773-2375

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We Accept FSA and HSA Cards