TENS for Labor Rentals

Six reasons why you want a tens unit for your labor

ONE - A TENS unit in labor provides a drug free pain control management. TENS is short for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, using low electrical current providing pain relief.  Four electrodes are used on your upper and lower back, delivering a mild electrical stimulation traveling along the nerve fibers barely under your skin bringing you pain relief!

TWO – A TENS unit should be started in early labor!  Applying the TENS unit early in labor  permits your body's natural endorphins to release. The tingling sensation of the mild electrical current permits your brain to release more endorphins and lesson the pain of a contraction.  By using a TENS unit during labor the gate control theory of pain provides a  non-painful input signal (the TENS unit) which closes the gates to the more painful input which is the labor contraction.

THREE  A birthing person should start the TENS unit at the first signs of labor.  We know the benefit of laboring at home for early labor, this is the perfect time at start the TENS unit. The TENS unit is a small hand held unit that is controlled by the laboring mother worn on a lanyard around your neck. Psychologically, it gives the birthing person a sense of control as they adjust the intensity of the TENS as the contractions strengthen.

FOUR- A TENS unit is portable giving the birthing person freedom to move around and use different positions for labor, which is beneficial to the progress of labor.  Pads come with the TENS unit and can be re-applied 10-15 times, so if the birthing person chooses to get in the bath or shower during labor, they can easily remove and re-apply the pads, once out of the water.

FIVE - Using a TENS unit in labor may help the birthing person get to a more optimal point in her labor if she chooses to have an epidural.

SIX - Maternity TENS units have been used in other countries since the early 1970's.  They have been FDA approved for post surgery and traumatic pain. As this article written by Evidence based birth mentions, "The history of using TENS for pain relief may date as far back as the year A.D. 63, when the physician to the Roman emperor reported that he could relieve pain by standing on electrical fish at the seaside."


TENS instructional use

Be sure to watch the instructional video

Please take the time to watch the instructional video to familiarize yourselves with the TENS unit.  You will receive your TENS in the mail about 2 weeks before your delivery date.  PLEASE SAVE THE BOX AND THE RETURN POSTAGE PAID SHIPPING LABEL!

You can start using your TENS for practice once you have reached 37 weeks.  The pads will stick multiple times especially if you clean off the area with the enclosed alcohol prep pads.

Once labor starts:  PUT YOUR TENS ON AS SOON AS LABOR STARTS!  Starting your TENS in early labor increases the endorphins, a natural pain reliever!

Once your baby has arrived, please place everything BUT THE PADS back in the box and affix the attached label for shipping.

We wish you a very safe and happy birth!

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Watch to learn more


TENS Instructional Video


TENS Informational Video

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I submit my order?

The recommendation is to submit your order about 4 weeks prior to your due date.

When should I return the TENS unit?

Within two weeks of the birth of your baby.  

Can I use a TENS unit during pregnancy?

Once you are 37 weeks pregnant, you can use the TENS unit for practice or if your back is aching!

What if I throw away the return label by accident?

You can email me us and we'll email you back a return label, no big deal!

How do I use the TENS unit?

Please refer to the instructional video right here.  This will give you an excellent tutorial!

When should I start using the TENS unit?

As soon as you think you might be in labor is a good time to get your TENS unit going.  The earlier in labor you start the TENS the better it will work!



What goes in the box when I send it back?

EVERYTHING but the pads!  We don't want those back!  Just throw those away!  Please do send:

TENS unit
Lead wires
Spare batteries
Neck lanyard

What if I need a little the TENS a little longer?

Just contact us, we're easy to work with!

Can I get a discount on the rental?

Sure!  Just take our All Inclusive Childbirth Class and you'll get a 30% discount.

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